Why Text Message

Sales as a profession is ever-evolving, but Text Message Selling has become paramount, and it’s here to stay. Text messaging has all the advantages of a voice call, but with a much-higher delivery rate. Text is faster and less invasive than a voice call. This makes it the preferred communication medium for today’s customer. People may not answer your call, but they read your text messages. Watch the way people look at their phones when their notification goes off. They can’t help it. They must look. It’s the perfect tool to capture the attention of the customer. Attention is the first step in any sale ever made. The “art” in The Art of Text Message Selling is taking that attention and building on it by giving the customer what they want to get what we want.  

Simply put, selling in today’s retail automotive marketplace will demand that you know and master The Art of Text Message Selling. It is only going to become more vital as we sell into the future. There are thousands of people in your market who will buy from you.But, you just have to have their attention first.  There are many ways to get their attention and have them texting you, including Facebook ads, Google ads, Website ads and organic text conversations. Regardless, how you get them, you have to get them and you must know how to, then, get  them to your lot and take them down the road to the sale.

Your road to the sale may be different than mine, and that is fine. I am not teaching a road to the sale, here. What I am going to do is show you how turn “texters” into an appointments that show up. There are rules to text message selling. These rules are powerful. They will make you a force in your market. They will allow you to give the customer what they want without giving away your profit. Your profit is important and you deserve to keep it.

This book will detail 21 rules for successful Text Message Sales. If you read, understand, and put these rules into practice, your customers will be happy to stop what they are doing to visit your place of business. More importantly, they’ll be happy to buy from you. You are going to learn how to focus on what the customer wants, and get what you desire. You will achieve these mutually beneficial relationships by uncovering some myths and destroying some sacred cows.

First off, it’s time to reevaluate what we know and what we believe we know about sales. The “way things used to be” is not how things are “now,” and if you try to do it the old way, you are going suffer. It’s time to forsake the ways we operated in the past and embrace the future. It’s now about speed and convenience, and text is the platform to deliver it.

The Little Bitch

Dressed well, fresh hair cut, confident, and eager. You wants a job. You are sold on the car business and  you are sold this being the place for you. “I am your man.” “I was born to sell.” “I will outwork everyone,” “I will be your top guy.”


So you get hired and you outsell everyone  within 2 weeks. You are the first one to work and the last one to leave. All you do is work and you sell a lot of cars.

The boss is happy. “This is what I needed,” he tells himself. ” “I wish I had 10 more just like him.”

You are an unrelenting optimist. Nothing can stop you. You are sold.

Ten tough deals in a row? No problem! You persist and continue  to sell more cars than any other team member. That is until around the 90 day mark.

90 days gives you enough time to see all the good things. like big sales commissions and happy customers that you get to help. But it also gives you time to get to know the leaders of the organization and the other team members.  And guess what familiarity breeds contempt.

“He is too moody.” He is an asshole.” He shouldn’t have said that.”

It also gives you enough time to learn about inventory.

“Oh we got too much money in that car.” “All these trade ins are junk, We will never be able to sell them.”

Don’t forget about the finance manager.

“He is so weak. He can’t get an 800 beacon bought.”  “He is so slow, the customer’s first payment is going to be due before he gets them signed up.”

Boo hoo. Don’t be a little bitch! I say.   It is the same people you were so eager to work with 90 days ago. It is the same type cars, the same finance manager,(they are all the same). It is the same customers and it is the same everywhere. The only thing that has changed is your attitude toward them. Everything else is the same.

You just got unsold. The most important sale in the car business is yourself. You have to sell yourself on your product everyday. You have to sell yourself on your management everyday. You have to sell yourself on your finance manager everyday. You have to sell yourself on your team everyday. You sure were excited 90 days ago and it was all because of you. You were sold. Get sold again.

Don’t be a little bitch.

Why Facebook?

As measured by adoption and usage, Facebook is the most successful thing in the history of humankind. According to New York University Stern’s School of Business, over 230 million Americans have a Facebook account, and 1.2 billion users, worldwide, have a daily relationship with the Book. Regardless of your business, your customers are on Facebook. 


The two most popular mobile apps in America are #1, Facebook and #2, Facebook Messenger. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is #8 on the list. One of every six minutes online is spent on The social network. (One in five minutes on mobile). Facebook is now the world’s largest seller of display advertising. According to Forbes, Facebook had a 43% growth in advertising revenue in 2016 and 47% in 2017. It is obvious to me that if you are not on the Facebook ship, you are missing the boat.


Here is a personal story of how much Facebook can change a business. On February 1st, 2017, I walked in Auto Mall of Coffee, and we had zero internet leads, zero online credit apps, zero inbound text message leads, zero outbound text offers. We managed to sell 22 cars that first month. Since then, I have started a massive Facebook campaign that includes paid ads.  I am writing this article on April 18th, 2018. In the last 30 days we have had 475 internet inquiries on the website, 325 credit applications, 5,895 inbound text inquiries, and 11,368 outbound text messages and offers. All of this was accomplished in 13 months, with Facebook as my primary source of advertising. You have got to have magazines articles, of course. We have doubled our year-over-year sales, selling 51 cars in the last 30 days. This year, our goal is to sell 100 cars in a single month.  With the help of Facebook and Southern Grown Magazine, I am sure we will accomplish that.
If you would like more information on Facebook marketing, or how to build effective ad campaigns, search for Billy W. Merritt on Facebook and send me a friend request. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Just search for Billy W. Merritt and send me a message.  

Balloons Sell Cars

In 2002 I was a sales manager of new car franchise in small town GA. The owner of the dealership hired Giant Marketing to come in and help us liquidate our inventory. I had always considered myself a good sales and marketing person so I was a little perturbed that he was bringing in an outside company to do my job.  Ken Helms, the owner of Giant, came by to explain how the big event worked.

“So what is the big deal? Why do you think you can come in and sell our cars better than we can?” I ask acrimoniously.

“Billy, we aren’t reinventing the wheel. Of course, you know how to sell cars. I am sure you know the road to the sale forward and backwards. We are just very good at marketing the event and there will be hundreds of customers who respond to our mailer so we bring a team of trained professionals who know how to handle the traffic. Trust me you are going to need the extra help,” he responded unemotionally.

He was right we had more customers than I had ever seen on a car lot at one time. They all had a flyer in their hand. They were here for the big event. The extra sales people really were professional. They knew how to handle complaints and objections and they could close car deals. I loved it. I had never worked with such talented sales people. I had to have some more of the big event. When Ken and his team left, I left with them. I joined the road crew. I was on the all star team and it was awesome.  I traveled the country promoting and selling the big event. From Washington State to Miami Florida. From Oklahoma City to Hartford Connecticut. I learned a lot from Ken and from the road. Most importantly, I learned that balloons sell cars and you can never have too much “eye candy”. The more money you spend on helium the more cars you sell, period.

“What brought you in today sir?”

“All dem balloons….”


To Sell More Cars, Close the Distance

To maximize your results selling cars it is important to triage your opportunities. Where is your next sale coming from?

#1. The Person in Front of You. Most deals are closed in your office so the most important person in your life needs to be the person in front of you. Give 100% of your attention to the person who has thought enough of you to show up and listen to your offer. Hopefully you have done your job building value. Now, it’s time to close the deal.

#2. The Person on your Lot.  If you don’t have a customer, keep your eyes on the lot. If someone thinks enough of your dealership to drive through or pull in,  think enough of him or her to show them some attention, promptly with service in heart. Serve them well enough and you can take them to your office and close a deal.

#3. The Person Calling In.  If the phone rings answer and expect a sales call. You know what they are going to ask. Have your answers ready. Build Trust. Sell yourself. Sell the appointment. Get them on the lot. Serve them. Get them in your office. Close the deal.

#4. Cold Calls. When it comes to prospecting, nothing is better than a phone to reach potential customers. If no one is in your office, on the lot, nor calling in, sit down and make 20 calls. Develop a pitch. Practice it. Sharpen it. If they answer, pitch it. If they don’t answer, leave a message. Pitch it there. Get yourself known and get some people interested in what you have to offer. The phone is the easiest way to do this because of the number of calls you can make in the time it takes you to drive across town to make a personal visit.

#5. Social Media. How many Facebook friends do you have? If it is not 5000 you need more. Be the one giving away all the information. Establish yourself as an expert. When people need information or want to buy a car they will call on you. Then you can sell yourself, sell an appointment, get them in, build value, get them in your office and close the deal.

The key is to take care of those closest to you and then close the distance with those who are the next closest.

So, where does texting fit into all this?… From the beginning of #3 to the end of #5 but that is a whole book in and of its self. The Art of Text Message Selling.

To be continued…


I want a house on the Atlantic Ocean Intracoastal Waterway where I can see both the sunrise and the sunset, the south end of an Island maybe. It must have a deep water dock  so I can park a couple of boats, a waver(that’s the one we ride on with family and friends and wave at all the other boaters), and  big boat that we can take off shore fishing or to just to spend the night off shore so I can see nothing but the light of the stars. To some this will sound ridiculous and I don’t disagree.  But you what else is ridiculous? Making payments on a single wide trailer and not having a boat at all. I have already experienced this type of ridiculousness so I may as well have some of the good ridiculousness.

The Art of Text Message Selling. When Do You Voice Call the Customer?

Sales is ever evolving but Text Message Selling is necessary and it’s  here to stay. It has all the advantages of a voice call  but with a much higher delivery rate. Text is fast  and less invasive than a voice call making it the preferred medium of today’s customer. People may not answer your call but they will read your text message. Just watch the way everyone looks at their phones when anyone’s notification goes off.  You can’t help it. You just have to look.  This makes it the perfect tool to earn some credibility with the buyer and set up a phone call. Make no mistake, you need to call every single customer that you text or that texts you. That’s right CALL THEM ALL. No technology, text skill,  script or A.I. can replace the the effectiveness of the human voice.  It is much easier to show concern, warmth, and understanding with a call than through text.  It is a must to call them. Let them hear the genuine concern in your voice. Let them hear your humanness. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So when is the right time to call? I have found that it is best to first make the BIG OFFER-In addition to the best price I can also get you some pictures, a video, some finance options, some low low payments. I can even give you an appraisal on your car. Would any of this be helpful? Ill be happy to get it for you? 🙂 

Once you have made this BIG OFFER send some pictures and video. Don’t wait for a response. Send it. Lot’s of times you won’t even have to call them. They will call you. If they don’t call within 2 minutes, call them-Hey John, This is Billy from the Auto Mall of Coffee, Just checking to see if you got the information I sent over. 

From this point just do what you do. Use your phone skills. Sell the appointment. It has always been about the appointment. I am just showing the best way to get an appointment that show. Send them more than they asked for and call them quickly. If they don’t answer leave an awesome message and send some pictures. I didn’t say this was easy I said it is necessary.

To be continued……..